EduTAMS Essential

EduTAMS Essential is a innovative solution that provides the Government a secured platform for efficient management of basic schools across the state.

This, it achieves through unhindered access to real-time data analytics for standardized curriculum and increased access to digital resources for improved teaching and learning across the State.

It ultimately affords the Government to have Real-Time Access to Secured, Valid, and Reliable Education Data from all States for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Policy.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is responsible for the development of sustainable and accessible educational services in Ogun State. We are a major contributor to the advancement of this pursuit and our proof is the Ogun State Education Revitalization Agenda Initiative.


We identified the diverse needs of the education stakeholders and designed our solution to deliver on target value.


The Staff of the Ministry of Education are the expected Super Administrators on this platform as in OGSERA. They keep track of the activities of schools in every zone across the State without limitation.


The Zonal Education Officers act as representatives of the Ministry in their assigned zones and ensure that school activities are in order.


School Portal Administrator is an additional role of a teacher in a school. He/she is responsible for the profiling of teachers, students and parents of that school into the EduTAMS Essential platform as evident in OGSERA.


The teacher in a school can be assigned to teach a subject or multiple subjects and yet handles a class as the class teacher.


The students can access their results on the EduTAMS Essential platform as evident in OGSERA. This can be done through any internet enabled device.


Parents can access the performance of their wards via the platform effectively through any internet enabled device.

Unified Examination made Easy

Digitalization of all unified examinations in the State as effectively deployed in the Basic Examination Certification Examination (BECE) and the Common Entrance Examination.

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